What Are the Best Ways to Increase Brand Awareness on Instagram?

Various marketing channels are available on social media today, and every business wants to invest in a channel that can guarantee them efficient and observable results. Today, Instagram has established itself as one of the top social media channels that can offer fantastic prospects for a business to expand. Instagram has hit the milestone of one billion active users per month, making it the second most popular social media platform after Facebook.

The basic goal of brand awareness is to introduce brands to ideal customers. Businesses need to raise their brand awareness on Instagram because the platform gives them the chance to connect with a brand-new, highly-motivated audience. Instagram offers its users tools like hashtags, location tags, and “Discover,” which make it easier for them to find the brands and goods they’re interested in.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the advice that will assist you in promoting your brand on Instagram.

Create a Strong Brand Personality and Visual Identity:

The brand’s visual identity should be given top priority when discussing brand awareness. As we’ve already mentioned, approximately a billion people use Instagram every month. A brand’s visual identity must stand out from the crowd in order to attract potential clients.

Logo – Your main profile photo should be your logo, which is something that is and should be shown prominently on your page.
Brand fonts – Use a nice typeface consistently throughout your Instagram profile to give your material a distinctive and memorable feel.
Brand Color – Use the same brand color to give your profile and content a professional-looking, branded appearance.

Utilize Search Engine Optimization Wisely:

Many users are unaware that Instagram offers search engine optimization, which may be incredibly beneficial and open up numerous business opportunities. Instagram’s search engine optimization is slightly different from that provided by Google and other search engines. You can quickly enhance the visibility of your company on Instagram by using a few easy SEO tricks.

Your Instagram username, which is crucial because it’s how users may find you in searches, is one of the specific parts on your profile where you can add an SEO term. Your company name should be very clearly stated in your username. You might concentrate on your bio and account name as well.

Create a Strategy for Your Ideal Clients:

As a business, you should put your major focus to creating ways to widely reach your potential clients. Brand recognition is not simply about growing your Instagram following. Only a small portion of the one billion active users will be interested in your brand and your products. Therefore, you must create successful strategies to reach that portion of the population.

Make Good Use of Hashtags:

Most people simply disregard hashtags when it comes to social media because they believe they are useless, but as a company, you should be aware that a post without a hashtag is around 12.6% less likely to reach viewers than a post with one hashtag. If you desire, you can start a business.

Engage Influencers:

One of the finest ways to help your brand reach a new and perfect audience is to collaborate with influencers. Digital influencers have been shown to be 61% successful at bringing in new customers for brands and their goods. Given that Instagram contains a large number of well-known influencers that often amuse people, it has emerged as the greatest platform for marketers looking to work with influencers. You may significantly raise the awareness of your business by working with the proper influencers.


Instagram has established itself as one of the most effective social media channels for promoting the goods of international companies. It has also aided numerous new businesses in flourishing and scaling incredible heights. The platform is advantageous for both service-based and product-based businesses, and it has about a billion active users each month. Instagram offers its users a variety of tools via which they may connect with the right customers and build solid business foundations. Utilizing this platform offers brands a fantastic chance.

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