Stephen Blackburn and Stephen Johnson Are Unlocking the Secrets to Digital Marketing Success With Their Marketing Mentorship Company

Two master marketers team up to help entrepreneurs bring their marketing in house.

ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Stephen Blackburn and Stephen Johnson have unlocked the secrets to digital marketing. Blackburn and Johnson, owners of the marketing mentorship company Rich From Anywhere, have the receipts to back up their marketing secrets. They’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs in over ten countries, successfully helping brands hit five and six-figure monthly sales goals.

Like many great ideas, Rich From Anywhere was born out of necessity. Blackburn and Johnson were musicians and, like many creative types, needed a way to finance their musical careers. They stumbled onto e-commerce and realized they had found a rhythm in something other than music. The first brand they worked on together achieved nearly a quarter of a million dollars in revenue in the first seven months. With that, they were off and running.   

Rich From Anywhere differs from many marketing companies in the way of strategy. Most marketing companies do just that – market. Traditionally that looks like taking over the marketing process and driving people to a company or building a brand for a customer. 

Blackburn and Johnson’s approach is more of an educational one. Rich From Anywhere’s website touts that the company’s specialty is “putting the power in YOUR hands.” As a result, many of their efforts focus on teaching entrepreneurs how to utilize marketing effectively by understanding the marketing process. Rich From Anywhere works directly with entrepreneurs to build brands rather than existing as a behind-the-scenes marketing firm.

“If entrepreneurs can learn to focus on their customers’ pain points, they will find it so much easier to keep a flow of incoming leads,” says Johnson.

Blackburn and Johnson agree that there are three keys to making more money online:

Driving traffic by using paid ads:  Conversion ads bring the best results. They say,” the number one mistake people make when running ads is not using the right objective.”

Collecting data: The best way to collect data is by creating a “Lead Magnet” landing page that promotes an irresistible offer in exchange for the customer’s information.

Use More Automation: After collecting data, create email and sms automations that automatically send out offers periodically and nurture the audience. Automation makes life much easier as a business owner.

Stephen Blackburn and Stephen Johnson have created a unique approach to digital marketing that puts the power in the hands of entrepreneurs. By understanding their customers’ pain points, using conversion ads, collecting data, and automating processes, businesses can be successful online. These techniques are sure to set any entrepreneur up for success, allowing entrepreneurs to truly be Rich From Anywhere.

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