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“Google values original content (such as podcasts), and Google values content that comes from humans,” says Sarah Lockwood, “And I think that our team of really talented podcast show note writers and experts do a wonderful job of really enticing listeners to care about your show and to be intrigued and want to play it. Also, balancing out the considerations of search engine optimization, AI is never going to be able to do that as well.”

Sarah is the CEO of HiveCast, an affordable podcast production company that helps hosts develop a show from scratch and launch it within just a few weeks. Podcasting is a very natural way of sharing valuable content, and many entrepreneurs are turning to podcast to grow their businesses.

Sarah recommends that podcasters venture into the video realm instead of staying strictly in the audio space because adding video greatly increases their podcast amplification potential. Those videos can be made into content for any number of different mediums, such as Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok videos, and generate tons of added value for a business. Even if a podcaster chooses only to release audio episodes, it can still be very useful for them to have the video footage to use for asset creation elsewhere.

At HiveCast, as part of their affordable podcast editing and production work, Sarah’s team is listening to every podcast episode they produce, writing high-quality show notes that intentionally target that podcast’s audience and utilize SEO keywords to maximize reach potential, and additionally producing marketing assets to be used on social media platforms and a client’s website.

Although AI is starting to gain a lot of traction and buzz, it is not at a place where it can fully replace the work being done by a fully equipped podcast production team. The writers and editors at HiveCast do a really great job of making each podcast episode enticing to potential listeners while incorporating search engine optimization, a feat that AI is unable to replicate.

Success looks different for every podcaster, because every podcast is created for a different purpose. Some podcasters may be doing it for their own enjoyment, whereas others may be looking to generate more leads for their business, and others still may just want to amplify their voice and the voices of other experts in their respective fields. Whatever the reason, podcasting is a fantastic way to generate a ton of value for a relatively small investment.

In addition to podcast production, HiveCast also offers podcast amplification. PodAmp is a service available to any podcaster regardless of whether they utilize HiveCast as a production company. This incredibly valuable service enables every single one of their clients’ episodes to be submitted to national publications like Yahoo and Business Insider. Dax and Sarah agree that this is a great opportunity for podcasters who want to be seen as the authority on their topic of choice.


  • “It’s affordable, and it’s really done for you. Our hosts are able to really focus on what they’re best at, which is having great conversations, creating a lot of value for their listeners, and they leave all of the production work to my team.” (1:29-1:43 | Sarah)
  • “The nice thing about podcasting, especially if you choose to make a video podcast like we’re doing today, gives you a tremendous amount of content that you can utilize in a number of different mediums, everything from TikTok to YouTube shorts to Instagram reels, which is really what the algorithms are looking for.” (3:11-3:29 | Sarah)
  • “I really believe that when you’re going to invest the time and effort in putting a podcast together, video is the place that you should choose for it to live in addition to a traditional audio podcast environment.” (5:04-5:17 | Sarah)
  • “Our team is listening to every single episode, and I think that’s important to note, because not every podcast production team is doing that.” (7:11-7:20 | Sarah)
  • “Google values original content and Google values content that comes from humans. And I think that our team of really talented show note writers and experts do a wonderful job of really enticing listeners to care about your show and to be intrigued and want to play it. And also balancing out the considerations of search engine optimization. AI is never going to be able to do that as well.” (10:28-11:00 | Sarah)
  • “You don’t have to be a customer of HiveCast to take advantage of PodAmp. That’s something that we can do whether you produce your show, someone else produces your show, that service is available to any podcaster.” (15:54-16:06 | Sarah)


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Podcast amplification, growth & marketing (https://podamp.fm)

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