Growing a Startup With SEO

Digital marketing is mainstream today because of the widespread usage of the internet. Businesses create and maintain an online presence to create awareness about their products or services, and attract more customers. While this is a positive, many companies are doing the same thing, so it takes expert marketing skills to stand out online.

One of the valuable tools of digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of creating content infused with keywords relevant to the niche of said content. This carefully curated content will make the website the content is placed on rank high on search engines when users search for related keywords. This differs from paid search because the high search ranking is organic and cannot be bought. 

Many startups tend to ignore SEO and focus on product development, raising money, and paid advertising. This is because SEO takes time and does not guarantee results. Nevertheless, neglecting SEO means passing on a valuable opportunity to give your brand visibility. Brand visibility is important for startups because it makes people recognise the company and give it credibility.

If startups use SEO correctly, they will increase their site’s traffic, generate more leads, gain more conversions, and sell more products. Business owners can use artificial intelligence to devise SEO strategies and increase their chances of success. They can also improve their online presence with the services of a reputable media agency if the process is overwhelming.

Why Startups Should Use SEO

Search engine optimization is beneficial to startups and small business in the following ways:

High Search Engine Rankings

SEO makes a company’s website more visible on search engines by placing them higher than thousands of other search results. To achieve this, the company should extensively research keywords and phrases consumers often use when trying to find a business like theirs, and strategically place them all over the website.

They should use SEO analytics tools to guide them while picking keywords, creating content, or scrutinising the written content. People want to visit websites that show them exactly what they are looking for. SEO helps them achieve this because it ranks websites that are relevant to a search query high on the results page. When people visit a website relating to their search term, they tend to spend considerable time on that website, and make a purchase sooner or later.

Generates Organic Traffic

Using relevant keywords to create content will drive traffic organically to any website. This is less expensive than running paid ads and can generate clicks for longer. Paid advertisements run for a limited period; the exact length depends on a company’s marketing budget, and they would pay everytime someone clicks their ad. SEO’s cost is mostly on the content creation. The search engine ranking the website high for a long time will help it generate organic traffic.

Aids Consumer Data Collection

With the increased relevant traffic SEO brings, startup owners will be able to collect high quality data on the behaviour of consumers in their niche. This data can be analysed to help them make informed decisions that will spur business growth and make their operations smoother. It will also give insight into consumer preferences, so the company will have better inventory management.

Consumer data analysis shows the keywords that are leading people to a website, what they do on the website, and their next action once they leave that site. Business owners can improve different parts of their company’s operations based on the results of their data analysis.   

Creates a Brand Identity

The more visible a startup’s website is on search results, the more people recognize it and consider it to be credible. In the long run, they will rely on the brand’s website for purchases and valuable information. Before SEO became mainstream, companies spent large sums of money on advertisements to get the same results.

While advertisements might be confined to a specific region and demographic, SEO can expose a brand to a global audience. People all over the world that search for the main keywords in a brand’s niche will see their website, products, or services. This breeds a large customer base and can significantly increase sales.

SEO Drives Business Growth

As a startup, growth is paramount to business success. When a business first launches operations, they will likely be losing money and will need to grow quickly to make a profit. SEO drives this growth by getting the brand’s name out there. The visibility will translate to leads and sales at a one-time or significantly lower cost than most forms of advertisement.


To reap the benefits of SEO, it is best to come up with a well-structured marketing strategy and impeccably written pieces of  content. Business owners can use AI for SEO as it boosts their chances of success. They can also work with marketing professionals to leverage their experience to get the desired results. This reduces the time needed to find and implement a working strategy.

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