Cafe Minamdang’s Seo In Guk and Parasite’s Park So Dam to star in JTBC’s new fantasy drama?

It is a fantasy reincarnation drama based on the popular webtoon titled ‘I’ll Die Soon’. It depicts the story of young people who die in frustration and start a new life. The main character’s face is set to change several times, and although the main character is Seo In Guk, about 8 actors will appear in each episode to bring a variety of fun.

Seo In Guk and Park So Dam:

Following Seo In Guk’s successful transformation through the movie ‘Wolf Hunt’ last year, he also met with viewers in the drama ‘Minamdang’ and played a big role. The heroine, Park So Dam, is also expected to go to the theater during the Lunar New Year holiday with her new movie ‘Phantom’, and continue her busy activities going back and forth between the screen and the living room. She heard the findings of papillary thyroid cancer through a health checkup in November 2021, received a detailed examination, and underwent surgery on December 9 of that year. After going through the recovery process, she reported the news of her complete recovery in February of last year.

Seo In Guk in Reply 1997’s reunion: 

On December 25th, on the YouTube channel ‘Si Eon’s School’ run by Lee Si Eon, ‘I missed you.. Reply 1997 10 years later to an alumni meeting!! A video titled ‘Fun filled conversation that stands out with strong chemistry’ was posted. Lee Si Eon held an alumni meeting to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the popular drama tvN ‘Reply 1997’, which aired in 2012. Singer and actor Eun Ji Won, Seo In Guk, Lee Ho Won appeared. ‘Reply 1997’, the first work in the ‘Reply’ series, is a sentimental retro drama about a high school girl who is crazy about her favorite groups and five friends, set in the 1990s represented by the first-generation idol groups HOT and Sechs Kies. Seo In Guk revealed, “Lee Si Eon directly told director Shin Won Ho that this drama would fail from the time he was cast for ‘Reply’,” causing laughter.

Seo In Guk’s achievements:

In the 50th week of the Circle Chart, Seo In Guk’s report card climbed the charts a total of 4 times, including 1 song on the digital chart, 2 songs on the download chart, and 1 song on the BGM chart. The average ranking of chart entry songs is 79th. Seo In Guk’s chart share is 0.3%, which is tied for 89th among 407 artists (teams) who entered the chart. Seo In Guk ranked 126th on the digital chart with one song, ‘Fallen’. ‘Fallen’ is the second single released in about 6 months after the single ‘LOVE&LOVE’ released in 5 years in June. 

This single album contains a total of 3 songs including the title song ‘Fallen’, ‘Young Days’ and ‘Fallen (Instrumental)’, so you can feel Seo In Guk’s richer emotional line. In particular, for this single, not only did Seo In Guk participate in the entire production process, but also Seo In Guk’s producing team, Seo Cine, put their names on all the songs to improve their perfection. The title song ‘Fallen’ is a rock ballad featuring Seo In Guk’s delicate emotional expression and cool vocals. Seo In Guk has appeared in ‘Reply 1997’, ‘Master’s Sun’, ‘High School King of Savvy’, ‘Shopaholic Louis’, ‘Doom At Your Service ‘, ‘Cafe Minamdang’, etc, and has built a career by singing OSTs of works he appeared in.

Park So Dam’s new movie Phantom: 

Phantom is a movie depicting the real ghost’s unstoppable operation and the desperate struggle of the suspects trapped in a remote hotel to break through suspicion and escape, suspected of being spy ghosts planted by an anti-Japanese organization in the Japanese Government-General of Korea in Gyeongseong in 1933. Park So Dam, who attended the media preview of the movie ‘Ghost’ held on January 11th, said, “Because I had to carry out my own mission without being suspected by anyone, I was able to show off the charm that I had never seen before through the role of Yuriko. I tried to save the emotional part well,” she said. 

She also expressed his gratitude to Honey Lee, who showed exquisite chemistry in the movie. Park So Dam said, “I don’t know why I’m so happy to hear that I had good chemistry with (Honey Lee). Strangely, hearing Honey Lee’s voice still comforts me.” Park So Dam underwent surgery for papillary thyroid cancer before filming this work. As it was a film that was filmed while challenging my physical limits, she was very attached to it. However, the film shined with the result of not feeling the limit of physical strength. In this work, Park So Dam showed off her colorful charm as Yuriko, an ambitious man who rose to the position of secretary to the Prime Minister of the Government-General of Korea despite being a Joseon.

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