Digital marketing firm based in Colorado Springs gets a branding facelift | Business

A familiar “face” in the Colorado Springs business and technology community is getting a makeover.

SocialSEO, a company that focuses on digital marketing, changed its name to Intero Digital to more accurately reflect the company’s wide array of services as they grew over the past several years to include a broader scope of offerings beyond search engine optimization (SEO).

“Now we…(have more than) 15 services with our goal in mind being to become kind of a one-stop shop for digital,” Greg Walthour, Co-CEO of Intero Digital said. “…we’re offering the entire suite of digital services to our clients.”

The new name Intero comes from the Italian word for entire — referencing the breadth of digital marketing products the company touts. Intero’s marketing divisions expanded since 2016 from SEO to incorporate seven different entities that operate under the Intero name and focus on search engine marketing (SEM), social media, Amazon, PR, content marketing, and web design.

“We did it because our clients asked us to, and we think that being multi-service makes it a lot easier for our customers,” Walthour said. “…And it allows us to deliver all the services they need in one place.”

Founded in 1996, Intero was a consulting agency that gradually shifted from consulting to become a business, Walthour said. By 2008 the company was primarily focused on SEO until 2016 when it started to branch out into other digital services.

The company now has about 1,500 customers worldwide. The average Intero customer has annual revenue in the range of $3 to $50 million.

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“We’ve had a lot of growth in the last several years,” Walthour said. “…We’ve been a very aggressive company … we’ve also had some nice tailwinds with the growth of digital.”

The company, which plans to continue to be headquartered in Colorado Springs, intends to expand its 25,000 square feet of office space as Intero grows.

Currently about 100 Intero employees are based in Colorado Springs.

Intero’s headquarters at 5475 Mark Dabling Blvd. will update its signage on the west and south facing sides of the building.

“The name change is something we’re excited about,” Walthour said, “There’s been a lot of growth and anticipation for building the team. We’re looking forward to what’s next.”

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