content marketing strategy: Five ways to create a successful content marketing strategy

Content creators and influencers today have built a credible name for themselves and brands rely on their popularity and fame to market their products or services. A brand approaches an influencer who has a good fan following and partners with them so that the influencer/creator can promote a brand’s product on their social media pages; this is called influencer marketing. Working with influencers increases awareness of the brand and helps engage in meaningful conversations online. The digital landscape has enabled influencer marketing to flourish and has opened many work opportunities and doors for online creators and influencers.

What is content strategy?
A content strategy is a plan that uses material: written, audio, and/or visual to help you accomplish your company objectives and goals. Your target audience will be drawn to your content at every point of the process, and you can continue to engage them even after they’ve made a purchase.

This entire plan is called a content marketing strategy, producing high-quality content can be indispensable in building trust and credibility with new audiences and succeeding in the long term.

Here are a few steps to execute a content marketing strategy for your brand:

Identify your Target Audience
You need to strategize in such a way that your content is tailor made for your target audience. You can distribute material that is customised or personalised for each buyer by utilising a range of content kinds and different distribution channels. If your brand studies the needs of the target audience then you can curate a strategy according to your demographics.

In the current digital landscape, the buyer needs are constantly evolving and as a brand you need to be aware about the changes the audience is going through because of digitalization. Your brand values, attract a target group and you need to cater to that group and then execute a content marketing strategy.

Create a content Calendar
A content calendar is an important part of your Content Marketing Strategy. Incorporate big or key events in your calendar, and make a schedule about the different posts or content you will put out. Plan out your calendar in advance and even if you have any small idea, note it down because later on these little ideas can give birth to new ones.

Fill in the gaps of your calendar with interesting and out of the box ideas. Use your USP’s and be very creative with your marketing strategies. Focus on your Delivery Channels
Your content format should be presented to your audience through proper delivery channels. Your content can be in the form of videos, podcasts or info graphics but they need to be targeted to the appropriate delivery channels.

If your target audience is mainly active on Facebook, then your content strategy for Facebook would be different from that of Instagram or Snapchat. According to the recent statistics, GenZ is the most active on instagram hence if your brand’s audience is mainly GenZ then your content needs to be tailor made for instagram.

Make an effort to provide information and post content on regular days and at a consistent time. Although being a few hours off definitely won’t harm you, pre-planning is essential for the success of any content marketing campaign.

Additionally, you must schedule content promotion. Make sure to cross promote your content on different channels and draw the attention of the new audience as quickly as possible. As a brand you need to figure out how often you want to post as the frequency of your material is important but the content should have a good quality.

There is a growing reach and connectivity of hashtags and they can help your brand content travel across various accounts. Hashtags paired with the right keywords can help your brand elevate their reach. So while strategizing your content for the brand, be mindful of the power of branded hashtags and the way they connect you with your audience.

Final thoughts
One of the best ways to get brand awareness via organic tactics is through content marketing. A well thought out plan is essential to help you curate the best content marketing strategy for your brand as that increases brand awareness.

(The writer is co-founder & CMO of WhizCo)

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