Predictions from 28 SMM Pros

Social Media Examiner asked 28 social media marketing pros what trends they see ahead for marketers in 2023. Here are their predictions, divided into seven groups. For the full report, see below. With 28 experts discussing 28 trends, there’s something here for everybody to help grow their business in 2023!

1) Content and marketing strategy trends

#1: Brands Prioritize LinkedIn and TikTok

#2: Short-Form Video Leads Content Mix

#3: Proactive Audience Engagement Converts

#4: Social Customer Care Leads to ROI

#5: AI Content Recasts Content Creation Models

#6: Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Marketing

2) Facebook Marketing Trends

#7: Facebook Ads Reporting Improves

#8: Trust Mitigates Buyer Hesitancy

#9: Facebook Marketing Returns to Community Development Roots

#10: Machine Learning and AI Improve Facebook Ads

#11: Facebook Messaging Becomes an Important Revenue Channel

3) Instagram Marketing Trends

#12: Authenticity Rules Over Curated Perfection in the Instagram Feed

#13: UGC Gets Messy

4) LinkedIn Marketing Trends

#14: LinkedIn Creator and Influencer User Base Grows

#15: LinkedIn Video Is Seen Less

#16: LinkedIn Favors More External Content

#17: Personal Brands Will Support Company LinkedIn Marketing Goals

#18: Businesses Double Down on LinkedIn for Business Audience Development

5) TikTok Marketing Trends

#19: SEO Supports Expert Positioning and Discoverability on TikTok

#20: TikTok Algorithm Favors Non-Promotional Content

#21: TikTok Ad Spend Grows

6) Twitter Marketing Trends

#22: Twitter Spaces Takes Hold

7) YouTube Trends

#23: YouTube Leans Further Into Shorts

#24: YouTube Shorts Audience Grows Faster

#25: Brands Embrace YouTube Ads

#26: More Monetization Opportunities for Brands on YouTube

#27: Podcasters Turn to Long-Form Video on YouTube

#28: Real, Relevant Stories Win on YouTube

For the full article, with screen shots, examples, advice, and more, click here.

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